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Is it possible to sign application and pass Gatekeeper using code-signing certificate from Comodo or Thawte or I need to have the Mac Developer Subscription for that purpose?

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You must be a member of the Mac Developer Program and use Apple's certificates to pass GateKeeper. Here's the relevant part from their developer library:

Only Mac Developer Program members are eligible to request Developer ID certificates and sign applications or installer packages using them.

When you enroll in the Mac Developer Program, you become the primary contact for Apple and are asked to sign legal agreements. Regardless whether you enroll as an individual or company, you are the team agent and responsible for creating Developer ID certificates. If you enroll as a company, you can add individuals to your team, but only the team agent has permission to create Developer ID certificates. Developer ID certificates are owned by the team not an individual.

To enroll in the Mac Developer Program, go to Apple Developer Program Enrollment where a web assistant guides you through the entire process of enrolling. If you have not registered as an Apple Developer yet, you can do so as part of enrolling in the Mac Developer Program. When you are prompted to select a program, select the Mac Developer Program.

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