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I’m building a simple Java Bluetooth server for my computer using the Bluecove API. I’m building an Android client side app as well but the problem seems to be stemming from the server side app.

I’m sure someone has posted any answer already somewhere and I’ve tried different solutions rigorously for the past several days and looked at every possible forum but I can’t seem to keep the connection on the socket thread alive.

I can exchange a message across after a connection is established from android to computer and vice versa from computer to android but immediately after the bytes are exchanged, the Bluecove stack shuts down and closes the socket connection even when I don’t explicitly tell it to connection.close().

I’ve tried to use a while(some statement is true) loop to keep the connection alive and it no longer shuts down the socket after receiving the first message but it can’t receive any subsequent messages I send from my smartphone to my computer either. While it is essentially alive, it can’t receive any new messages when I try to send them from the smartphone. Not sure why.

I'm sorry, this is my first time posting and I'm not sure why the first part of the code does not display properly on the page.

Code making connection:

public BluetoothServer()
        service = (StreamConnectionNotifier) 
             Connector.open("btspp://localhost:" + new UUID(0x1101).toString() + 

            System.out.println("open connection");

            while(runState == true){

                connection = (StreamConnection) service.acceptAndOpen();

//send a greeting across to android
                    outputStream = connection.openOutputStream();
                    String greeting = "JSR-82 RFCOMM server says hello";

//run thread that listens for incoming bytes through socket connection
                Thread t = new Thread(new ConnectedThread(connection));


    } catch(IOException e) {}


public void run()
            //open input stream to listen to data
            inputStream = connection.openInputStream();              

            byte buffer[] = new byte[1024];
            int bytes_read = inputStream.read(buffer);

            String received = new String(buffer, 0, bytes_read);
            System.out.println("received: " + received);

        catch(IOException e){}
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You can't send more than one message from Client to Server, but can you Send multiple messages from Server to Client? Which loop calls your run() method? Can you provide this code calling run() aswell? –  Tim Hallyburton Jan 11 at 10:21
In the past I face very similar issue. But in my case, connection was not closed, only IO speed was slowing down(on the Android side). After debugging, we discovered, after some period of inactivity, it happens on the Android side after specific timeout(Android switches power safe mode) and this timeout can't be changed. To keep connection alive, we just periodically sent empty packet(one byte). Hope it will help. –  Eugene 4 hours ago

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