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I use the country gem from hexorx, here is the link to gem
Countries gem

I see in the code country.rb, that give Regexp as a parameter for searching country is possible. The Problem is, i even don't know how to use Regexp.
What i wanna do is, for example, give me all country that start with "T". I try with this

1.9.3-p327 :013 > c = Country.find_all_countries_by_name("/(T*)/")
 => []  

how you can see, is doens't work at all.

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All countries that start with a T would look something like:

c = Country.find_all_countries_by_name("/^T[A-Za-z ]*/")

In this case you are doing the following:

/ - start of the match
^ - matches the start of the string (so the next character MUST be first)
T - literal T 
[A-Za-z ] - a "character class" allowing any a-z upper or lower plus space
* - repeat previous character (or character class) 0-many times

This is a great resource for learning regular expressions: http://www.regular-expressions.info/

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