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I'm trying to use this with Laravel and so I need to send a GET request to a url which ends with "?term=foo". I've tried to escape the "?" with a backslash, which doesn't work. To clarify, this is what I want:

Route::get('search\?term=(:any)', function()
      //do something

Is it possible to have questionmarks in the url with Laravel?

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Having a question mark in the URL should make no difference. You're using a PHP framework, and simply speaking, ...?term=parameters should not be problematic. To my knowledge, there should be no need to escape such a question mark... It is handled appropriately by default.

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Yes, this was just me being stupid. $term = Input::get('term'); is what was needed, instead of trying to extract the parameter with the routing. – Nait Feb 11 '13 at 21:08

I believe the slug function is what you are looking for:

From the API Doc:

slug( string $title, string $separator = '-' )

Generate a URL friendly "slug" from a given string.

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Just for others who may want a Clear Answer :

you have to write and use your code as follows:

Route::get('search', function()
      $term = Input::get('term');
         //do other stuff ! 
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