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The following script is used to check SMART status for any drive(s) on a Macintosh.

It works nicely, but I'm wondering if there is a more elegant way to first list, then cycle through all the results from diskutil list | grep /dev/ as that command will always list all the connected devices, and thus makes the script portable.

Is there a better way to do this without first outputting to the $DISKLIST log file? Other suggestions are welcome, too!

# Check SMART status

DISKLIST=`mktemp -t DISK-XXXXX.log`

diskutil list | grep /dev/ > $DISKLIST

for i in  `cat $DISKLIST` ;


STATUS=$(diskutil info $i | awk -F': *' '/SMART/{print $2}')

if [ "$STATUS" = "Verified" ]; then
        echo "SMART Status OK for disk $i" 

        echo "** SMART Status $STATUS for disk $i **" 



As an example, these are typical results from the key command in the script:

$ diskutil list | grep /dev/
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you can use command substitution so:

for i in $(diskutil list | grep /dev/)

The output of the command is directly substituted in the for loop and no DISKLIST file is needed. More on this on abs:command substitution

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awesome, thanks! I'm glad I asked. –  Dan Feb 11 '13 at 21:19

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