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I would like to customize the settings which are used to format XML files in Android projects. I found the following basic option in the preferences of Eclipse IDE.

Eclipse format XML using the standard Android XML style rather than the configured Eclipse XML style.

Eclipse IDE Preferences / Android / Editors

I want every XML file to end with a line break but I cannot configure this here.

Eclipse IDE allows to configure this setting for Java files. The option "New Lines ... at end of file" can be enabled in Eclipse IDE Preferences / Java / Code Style / Formatter as shown in the screenshot below.

Eclipse IDE Preferences / Java / Code Style / Formatter

It would be great if there is a configuration file such as for Java settings which can be exchanged by members of a team and put under version control.

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I am also interested in how to do this. When I auto format XML files and add them to a Git repo I get those pesky "\ No newline at end of file" warnings on Git command line and the red warning symbols on GitHub. – friederbluemle Nov 23 '13 at 1:39

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