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I'm using Bootstrap's responsive grid layout. I need to adjust one spot on the page so that there's no margin between two columns; the left column has a bottom border that I need to bring right up to the left border of the right column.

How can I expand a div to compensate for removing the right-bordering div's left margin?

Things I've been able to do:

  • I'm able to dynamically set the height of the left div to drop the bottom border to where I want it: $('#indented_block .border-bottom').height( $('#indented_block').height()-3 );
  • I'm able to determine the original width of the left div: $('#indented_block .border-bottom').width()
  • I'm able to determine the left-margin of the right div: $('#indented_block .border-side').css('margin-left');
  • I'm able to set the left-margin of the right div: $('#indented_block .border-side').css('margin-left',0);

I'm not able to use the jQuery .width() method to add the original width to the left-margin: $('#indented_block .border-bottom').width( $('#indented_block .border-bottom').width()+$('#indented_block .border-side').css('margin-left')); Rather, I'm not able to accurately add those values together (for some reason the above line sets the width to be about the width of the screen).

I've created a JSFiddle with all the relevant HTML, JS and CSS.

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In this case, the difference between $('#indented_block .border-side')'s .outerWidth(true) and .outerWidth(true) is the left-margin in a unit that can be used by .width().

So I fixed it using this jQuery:

var margin_gap=Math.floor( $('#indented_text').outerWidth(true)-$('#indented_text').outerWidth() );
$('#indented_block .border-bottom').height( $('#indented_block').height()-3 ).width( $('#indented_block .border-bottom').width()+margin_gap );
$('#indented_block .border-side').css('margin-left',0);

See this working example.

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