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I have this variable Code in erlang which has this value "T00059"

I want to extract this value 59 from Code

I try to extract with this code this value "00059"

  NewCode=string:substr(Code, 2, length(Code)),

Now I want to know how can we eliminate the first zero before the first integer not null

mean how can we extract "59"

for example if I have this value "Z00887" I should have in the final this value 887

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You can simply do (output from an interactive erlsession):

1> Code = "Z00887",
1> {NewCode, _Rest} = string:to_integer(string:substr(Code, 2, length(Code))),
1> NewCode.

(My answer in test with loop in erlang goes into more detail regarding the same problem)

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This code will skip starting zeros. If you want to save them change $1 to $0

extract_integer([]) -> [];
extract_integer([H|T]) when (H >= $1) and (H =< $9) -> [H] ++ T;
extract_integer([_H|T]) -> extract_integer(T).
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can you explain a bit? –  MartinL May 27 '14 at 9:06

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