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I've been working on three different ways to solve this. What I do know is the EASIEST way hopefully would be to do the following.

Form Field 1 (ignore syntax, I'm just setting up an example here) the id= is the important part in the two form fields.

<select name="select" id="pick_animal" value="">
  < option="the fast cat" id="1">
  < option="the fast dog" id="2">

Form Field 2

 <input type="text" id="some_animal" value="the fast cat from dover">

I need to detect that id="some_animal" contains cat so I can perform an action on the correct option in field 1. I can do the second part just fine, I just can't detect "cat" in only the input with id "some_animal" storeTextPresent just looks for cat to exist anywhere on the page. ugh!! one way I can see to solve this would be to do the following.

storeValue | id=some_animal | value_some_animal
gotoIf | ${value_some_animal} contains "cat"   | my_cat_label
runscript | (message here)
goto | end
label | my_cat_label
run some commands here.
label | end

so at the gotoIf statement, I need to do a conditional basically want to see if it contains "cat", and I'm using the HTML Driver in selenium IDE, I would like to avoid selenium webdriver if I can help it.

<td> ${value_some_animal} ......</td>

How would I have the gotoIf evaulate that it contains "cat", with javascript or any other method?

<td> '${value_some_animal}' == 'cat'</td>  <--- doesn't work
<td> '${value_some_animal}' == '*cat*'</td>  <--- doesn't work

etc.... thanks in advance.

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storeValue | id=some_animal | value_some_animal

gotoIf | '${value_some_animal}'=='cat' | my_cat_label

runscript | (message here)

goto | end

label | my_cat_label

run some commands here.

label | end

Try like this, think it will be ok.

Thank You.

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It won't work like that, because it doesn't equal cat. I have tried that. –  michael Reid Feb 12 '13 at 3:27
please try once more by avoiding goto|end and label|end. –  Nikhil Surendran Feb 12 '13 at 3:59
Nikhil, If I remove the goto | end, it will just run the code irregardless. Defeating the whole purpose. I may as well remove gotoIf, and storeValue also. –  michael Reid Feb 12 '13 at 14:17
Nikhil, I'm not sure if you understand what i'm trying to accomplish. The code I included is a simple example for the purpose of this question. But I definitely need evaulate that the input value contains cat, == Wants the input value string to exactly match. –  michael Reid Feb 12 '13 at 14:36
dont know whether it will correct for you please try this also gotoIf | ${string} = 'string number two' | lableA –  Nikhil Surendran Feb 12 '13 at 16:32

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