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I have a form on a popup colorbox and if the user edits one of the textboxes and then they hit cancel I want a popup that displays something like "are you sure you want to leave without saving?". Currently i have the popup showing but it is showing after the popup colorbox is already closed


                iframe: true,
                transition: "elastic",
                width: "75%", height: "90%"


 $(':input', 'form').bind("change", function () {

function setConfirmUnload(on) {

              window.onbeforeunload = (on) ? unloadMessage : null;

          function unloadMessage() {
              return 'You have entered new data on this page.' +
        ' If you navigate away from this page without' +
        ' first saving your data, the changes will be' +
        ' lost.';
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You can use colorbox callbacks onCleanup or onClose if that doesn't help you can add a listener on the close button or div

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i found the solution, you have to call the oncomplete function of colorbox here's the code

$("#cboxClose").click(function (e) {

                        // stop any other script from firing

                        if (confirm('You have unsaved changes, are you sure that you want to cancel? All of your changes will be lost.')) {
                            // ensure that the binding is removed when closed


                } // close oncomplete
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