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These are Multitasking Virtual Machines with very nice, high level (i.e. language level) isolation between untrusting components. The information I could find about them all dates back to around 2006

With lots of interest, but seems to have abruptly died there and then and nothing has been published ever since. What happened to them? Was there a single "we shall stop working on MVMs" decision, or did interest just wane and the projects die naturally?

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They seem to have been a research project. It's more likely those fizzle out or that some of their ideas get applied in different contexts, than that they'd make it into the product stage as-is. –  millimoose Feb 11 '13 at 22:27

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IIRC sun lost a couple of DOD research contracts, so a few project were killed. Don't know if this was part of it.

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