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Does anybody know how to reproduce the ZoomedOutView like in the following picture:


I have a solution that probably works but I think we can do that differently.

My solution :

  • Add all the keys in the binded and grouped collection

  • Create a converter Int32 to Booleab

  • Bind the enabled property to Group.Values.Count and apply the converter

  • Modify the GridViewItem style to change the Background property

Is there an easier way to do that ?

Thanks in advance

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Those steps sound about right and should be the most straightforward way to get to what you want.

One place you might run into trouble is with getting the Group counts. Depending on what you're using for grouping you may get an IEnumerable with only the Count() extension method available and not a real Count property that would be bindable. This would be the case if you were using LINQ's GroupBy for example.

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