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I have created a call in my Media API to retrive my 'custom video field' called 'Product Name' and have been unsuccessful in retrieving it. In my Product Name column only pops up undefined. I have used ((n.customFields)?n.productname:'') in the snippet below to make the call.

function buildMAinVideoList() {

//Wipe out the old results

oCurrentVideoList = oCurrentMainVideoList;
// Display video count
document.getElementById('divVideoCount').innerHTML = oCurrentMainVideoList.length + " videos";
document.getElementById('nameCol').innerHTML = "Video Name";
//document.getElementById('headTitle').innerHTML = title;
document.getElementById('tdMeta').style.display  = "block";
document.getElementById('checkToggle').style.display  = "inline";

//For each retrieved video, add a row to the table
var modDate = new Date();
$.each(oCurrentMainVideoList, function(i,n){
        "<tr style=\"cursor:pointer;\" id=\""+(i)+"\"> \
            <input type=\"checkbox\" value=\""+(i)+"\" id=\""+(i)+"\" onclick=\"checkCheck()\">\
            +n.name +
    ).children("tr").bind('click', function(){


I have made a similar call in my getPlaylist call and in the debugger it shows the custom field so I know that it is in the above code.

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Are you sure that the internal custom field name is "productname" and not something else like "product_name"? – jco Feb 12 '13 at 1:49
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Your custom field will be returned as a child of customFields. Try:

(n.customFields && n.customFields.productname)?n.customFields.productname:''
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That was is and works great, thank you so much. – user2000613 Feb 12 '13 at 14:16

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