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Currently, in all of our html pages, we use the &reg; entity for showing the registered trademark symbol, which up until this point I thought was the correct way to have the symbol be shown. However, now one of my tasks is to go through all of the pages and replace it with <sup>®</sup>.

I wanted to tell my boss that it's wrong to do it this way, but I actually couldn't find any articles that discuss this and which approach is the correct approach. Until this point, I just assumed using the html entity approach was the right way but now I'm not so sure. Is there a reason why my boss would want to use the tags? What would be the advantage, if any? Maybe browser compatibility?

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On a properly encoded site, there is no reason to use HTML entities any more. Just enter the actual character in the right encoding.

However, it seems like what your boss really wants is to change the way the character looks. Turning the entity into the actual character is probably only a side-effect, if he's aware of it at all.

This is what it looks like without the <sup>: ®

This is what it looks like with the <sup>: ®

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