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I have the a function and i couldn't find why does it print empty pages. Also only Opera print not empty page, It prints all page. Not iframe only. In Chrome i don't have problem if I use srcdoc. Any help please

function printpage(src){
//create new image tag
var newImg = new Image();
newImg.onload = function(){ loading(); };
newImg.src = src; = "100%";  = "100%";

var ifrm = null;
ifrm = document.getElementById('iframe');
    ifrm = document.createElement("IFRAME");"px";"px";"none"; = "iframe"; = "iframe";
    ifrm.width = ifrm.height = 0;
var s = '<img src ="'+src+'" width="100%" height="100%" ></img>'+
                'function printMe(){ '+
ifrm.src = "data:text/html;charset=utf-8," + escape(s);

console.log("new ifrm is ",ifrm);

var frameContent = (ifrm.contentWindow || ifrm.contentDocument || ifrm.window);



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i found the problem"none"; //browser can't print content witch is not displayed.

i hide the element by"hidden";

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