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I've just installed DB2 Express-C version 10.1 (the newest) and I've tried to make a connection to a SAMPLE database. I've already done t through db2.exe, all done normally. here is my java code

    String url = "jdbc:db2:SAMPLE";
    String user = "db2admin";
    String password = "db2admin";
    Connection conn = null;
    try {
        // Load the DB2 JDBC Type 2 Driver with DriverManager
        //Driver d = new;
        Driver d = new;
        if(!d.jdbcCompliant()) System.console().printf("jdbc driver is not ccompliant");
            throw new SQLException("url \"" + url + "\" is not accepted by jdbc driver");
        conn = DriverManager.getConnection(url, user, password);

        /* do some work */
    catch (Exception e) {

output is

java.sql.SQLException: url "jdbc:db2:SAMPLE" is not accepted by jdbc driver

what is the problem? I've added .zip with driver to my library so it is found properly. Maybe I have some wrong settings?

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Have you tried use Driver Type 4, since you are using latest version of DB2, it is worth trying switch to latest driver as well. And also when use Driver Type 4, the connection url should be formatted as jdbc:db2://{IP}:{port}/SAMPLE – spiritwalker Feb 12 '13 at 0:02
java.sql.SQLException: url "jdbc:db2://" is not accepted by jdbc driver – user1529198 Feb 12 '13 at 9:37
the problem is solved - I just think that app driver is deprecated. – user1529198 Feb 12 '13 at 9:40
I used adding db2jcc.jar + licent jar + used your url format – user1529198 Feb 12 '13 at 9:40

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