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If i have something with O(logN) and add it to something with O(1) Is the overall complexity still logN?


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Often big-O notation is an approximation. For example, you might say logN when the actual complexity is 4logN + 7. This is still considered to be logN time, because the major factor is the behaviour as N changes.

If you had some algorithm that is N^2 + logN, then the most significant term is N^2 and the logN quickly becomes unimportant as N increases... In that case, you might simply say it is O(N^2) because it describes the characteristic time complexity of the algorithm.

So it depends on your needs. If you simply need to describe the nature of the algorithm, then logN should suffice. If you need to completely categorize every part of it or compare with similar but optimized algorithms, then add in all the terms.

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