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I am using this jquery plugin to capture a snapshot from a webcam on a website:


It all works fine and as it should if all divs are showing.

However, the div containing the plugin won't be showing when the page first loads (it shows when the user clicks a button), and as a result of this the plugin is returning the error

error: Flash movie not yet registered! 

How can I stop this script from running until the relevant div is shown?


More info - the div is shown when the user clicks the following radio input

<input type="radio" id="webcam-y" name="webcam" value="yes" onclick="javascript:show('webcam2');">Yes

The div containing the webcam is called #camera, and is inside #webcam2

<div id="webcam2">
    <div id="camera"></div>

Thanks for your help!

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Create a document load condition in javascript, and within that bind the 'onclick' method of the radio id to the javascript you want. –  Jon Feb 12 '13 at 1:09
Thanks very much! I had tried that earlier, but must have stuffed something up because it didn't work the first time. Though I just did it again on your suggestion and it worked this time, so thanks! –  user2063155 Feb 12 '13 at 2:54

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