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The code given in the following link is working online. It's retrieving files when I run it online, but it is not working when I use my own client id and API key. It is giving a wrong client origin error.


var CLIENT_ID = '898331037992.apps.googleusercontent.com';
var API_KEY = 'AIzaSyCGhZLgwJFVlMgp0aPGglKDRHbasrw_eNE';
var SCOPES = 'https://www.googleapis.com/auth/drive';

function handleClientLoad() {

function checkAuth() {
var options = {
    client_id: CLIENT_ID,
    scope: SCOPES,
    immediate: true
gapi.auth.authorize(options, handleAuthResult);

function handleAuthResult(authResult) {
var authorizeButton = document.getElementById('authorize-button');

if (authResult && !authResult.error) {
    authorizeButton.style.visibility = 'hidden';
} else {
    authorizeButton.style.visibility = '';
    authorizeButton.onclick = handleAuthClick;

function handleAuthClick(event) {
var options = {
    client_id: CLIENT_ID,
    scope: SCOPES,
    immediate: false
gapi.auth.authorize(options, handleAuthResult);
return false;

function makeApiCall() {  
gapi.client.load('drive', 'v2', makeRequest);   

function makeRequest() {
var request = gapi.client.drive.files.list({'maxResults': 5 });
request.execute(function(resp) {          
    for (i=0; i<resp.items.length; i++) {
        var titulo = resp.items[i].title;
        var fechaUpd = resp.items[i].modifiedDate;
        var userUpd = resp.items[i].lastModifyingUserName;
        var userEmbed = resp.items[i].embedLink;
        var userAltLink = resp.items[i].alternateLink;

          var fileInfo = document.createElement('li');
          fileInfo.appendChild(document.createTextNode('TITLE: ' + titulo + ' - LAST          MODIF: ' + fechaUpd + ' - BY: ' + userUpd ));                


       $(document).ready(function() {
       $('#authorize-button').on('click', handleAuthClick);
       $.getScript('//apis.google.com/js/api.js', function() {
       gapi.load('auth:client', handleClientLoad);
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You have to properly configure your project in the APIs console to use your own credentials and origin. Check the JavaScript quickstart for details: https://developers.google.com/drive/quickstart-js

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thanks claudio..i figured it out yesterday..i did not configure the javascript origin properly.. :) –  user2038580 Feb 13 '13 at 5:26
The code works properly most of the times, but how come it stops responding in between? –  user2038580 Feb 13 '13 at 9:32
What is the error you get when it doesn't work? –  Claudio Cherubino Feb 13 '13 at 17:59
No error. It just stops responding. Tried logging out and logging in again but it did not resolve anything. I do not know whether this is relevant but I found the code to stop responding when i keep Google drive's page open. –  user2038580 Feb 15 '13 at 5:34
Does the JavaScript console show anything? –  Claudio Cherubino Feb 15 '13 at 17:25

you can solve client origin problem in the following way, you just visit Google developers console and go to your credentials where you can see your client id ,client secret etc. and then you have to click the button Edit Settings and then in the first text box you have to put the address of your own application url. and then run your application again......

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