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I have a method in a module which generates a csv file called to_csv.

My controller action:

def download_csv
    @rating = RatingSet.find(params[:rating_set_id])
    rating_id = @rating.id
     respond_to do |format|
                format.csv { send_data @rating.to_cvs(rating_id) }

My route:

download_csv_co_view_rating_index GET  /co_view_rating/download_csv(.:format)     co_view_rating#download_csv

My view:

<small><%=link_to "Download CSV Data", :controller => "co_view_rating", :action => "download_csv", :rating_set_id => rating.id %></small>

When I click the link, the link will open:


But nothing happens. What am I missing/doing wrong?

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You need to pass the format type to your link_to helper:

<%= link_to "Download CSV Data", url_path(:format => :csv), ... %>


If you need to include the params as well then do:

<%= link_to "Download CSV Data", url_path(params.merge(format: "csv")), ... %>
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