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I have an app where I am parsing addresses and have been trying to implement the following regex expression to grab a US zip code from an address. once I grab it, I want to remove the zip code from the address string as the zipcode is interfering with grabbing the phone number. However, the following is not grabbing the zipcode.

$string = "John Doe 1234 Main Street Peoria, IL 60601 (555) 555-5555";
function extract_zipcode_from($string){
  preg_match_all("/\b[A-Z]{2}\s+\d{5}(-\d{4})?\b/", $string, $matches);
  return $matches[0];
$zip = extract_zipcode_from($string);
$zip = print_r(implode("\n", $zip),true);
$string = str_ireplace($zip,"",$string);

Can anyone suggest how to get this to work?


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Why don't you use preg_replace() to remove it. The manual search and str_replace is unneeded. – mario Feb 12 '13 at 2:53
The error in your code is that you are not wrapping the zip code in parentheses to capture them. (\d{5}(-\d{4})?) - once you get that, look at what you have in the matches array. Then, having honed your regular expression, use preg_replace() instead as mario suggests. – Jerry Feb 12 '13 at 3:04
you mean preg_match_all("/\b[A-Z]{2}\s+(\d{5})(-\d{4})?)\b/", $string, $matches); – user1904273 Feb 12 '13 at 3:15
I was able to get following that I found on another website to work. Not sure why pregreplace is better than str_replace. From what I read str_ireplace is plenty fast: $zip_pattern = "/\d{5}/"; $str = "Mission Viejo, CA 92692"; preg_match($zip_pattern,$str,$regs); $zip= $regs[0];$str = str_ireplace($zip,"",$str); – user1904273 Feb 12 '13 at 3:51

Try this code this will give you phone and zip with out replacing anything .

Assuming that Zip and phone will be always at the end of the string, Anything that comes after zip is a phone number.

$string = "John Doe 1234 Main Street Peoria, IL 60601 (555) 555-5555";


echo "Zip : ".$match['zip'];
echo "<br>";
echo "Phone : ".$match['phone'];
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