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I am using the resty-gwt library and wondering if it would be possible to use the JsonEncoderDecoder interface dynamically?

eg. I have a pojo as follows:

@JsonTypeInfo(use=Id.CLASS, include=As.PROPERTY, property="class")
 public class MyObject {....}

With the class name returned in the response: is it possible using generators to generate the interface

public interface MyObjectCodec extends JsonEncoderDecoder<MyObject > {}

and somehow make a call to GWT.create(MyObjectCodec.class) so that I can decode the object?

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I believe you can even if I have never tried.

Extract from restyGWT.gwt.xml

  <generate-with class="org.fusesource.restygwt.rebind.RestServiceGenerator">
    <when-type-assignable class="org.fusesource.restygwt.client.RestService" />
  <generate-with class="org.fusesource.restygwt.rebind.JsonEncoderDecoderGenerator">
    <when-type-assignable class="org.fusesource.restygwt.client.JsonEncoderDecoder" />
  <generate-with class="org.fusesource.restygwt.rebind.DirectRestServiceGenerator">
    <when-type-assignable class="org.fusesource.restygwt.client.DirectRestService" />

So if you are writing a JsonEncoderDecoder the generator should generate the code for you.

You should be able to use the method JSONValue encode(T value) to encode your object in JSONValue

I do not know what you mean by dynamic but IMO it is all "static" meaning it does not really depends on runtime variables or anything.

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