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I have a table Patients which looks like this:

  PatientName    DateOftest    Eye     L1    L2    L3    L4     L5
    Mike         17-02-2009     L      23    25    40    32     30
    Mike         17-02-2009     R      25    30    34    35     24
    Bill         08-03-2006     L      20    24    30    24     25
    Bill         08-03-2006     R      18    25    27    30     24

Now my query below finds mean

   PatientName, DateOfTest,    
   (MAX(L1) + MAX(L2) + MAX(L3) + MAX(L4) + MAX(L5))/4 as Mean, 
   SQRT(POW(L1 - Mean, 2) + POW(L2 - Mean, 2) + POW(L3 - Mean, 2) + POW(L4 - Mean, 2)  + POW(L5 - Mean, 2)) AS Standard Deviation, 
   'Binocular' Eye 
   PatientName, DateOfTest;

The above query is wrong because I have not stored mean.. is there any way to store mean to find out standard deviation in my code.. I'm asking because I have very lengthy query and more records..

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what is your desired output? – John Woo Feb 12 '13 at 4:14
It strikes me that you might be doing more work than you need to - STDEV. Also, you mean calculation is incorrect (you're adding 5 values but dividing by 4) – Damien_The_Unbeliever Feb 12 '13 at 7:19

To store the mean and reuse it in your query, one option would be to use a Common Table Expression. You can join the CTE to the table to use the calculated mean multiple times.

I'll admit that didn't understand the following line...

as Standard Deviation, 'Binocular' Eye

...but the query below shows how you would integrate the calculated mean into that line, which I think might need some additional work as well.

--This is the CTE to calculate the mean
  SELECT PatientName, DateOfTest,
    (MAX(L1) + MAX(L2) + MAX(L3) +  MAX(L4) + MAX(L5))/4 AS [Mean]
  FROM Patients
  GROUP BY PatientName, DateOfTest
--This is the original query
SELECT Patients.PatientName, Patients.DateOfTest, Mean_CTE.Mean AS Mean, 
  +POW(L4-Mean_CTE.Mean,2)+POW(L5-Mean_CTE.Mean,2)) as Standard Deviation, 
  'Binocular' Eye
FROM Patients
INNER JOIN Mean_CTE --This is where you join the two
ON Patients.PatientName = Mean_CTE.PatientName
    AND Patients.DateOfTest = Mean_CTE.DateOfTest
GROUP BY Patients.PatientName, Patients.DateOfTest, Mean_CTE.Mean;
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What about the possibility of adding a CALCULATED column to the table that stores the result of the formula??

This is a rather simple concept, and will sotre the value for the formula.


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