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Actually i have develop application which use Hdfs to store image.Now i want to migrate server and setup hadoop again in new server.How i can backup my image file in HDFS (old sever) to HDFS in my new server ?

I've try to use CopyToLocal command to backup and CopyFromLocal to restore, but i've error, when application running, image which i've restore on hdfs can't show on my application.

How to solve this ?


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Distcp is the command to use when performing data for large inter/intra-cluster copying. Here is the documentation for the same.

CopyToLocal and CopyFromLocal should also work well for small amounts of data. Run the HDFS CLI and make sure that the files are there. Then it might be a problem with the application.

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Hi Praveen, I've successfull backup and restore data between HDFS with command : /hadoop distcp hdfs://[source]:[port]/directoryA hdfs://[destination]:[port]/directoryA .When i try to running my app with new hadoop which i restore, my image show successfully. :).Thanks – troya_adromeda Feb 12 '13 at 6:28

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