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I am pretty new to developing and was hoping you all could help me out with a little issue.

I am currently building a website and have an FAQ page.

for example, the url is www.sitename.com/faq.html

I want to create an FAQ sub page to hold the answers

for example the url would be www.sitename.com/faq/answers.html

my issue is that I have no idea how to create a page as an extension of another page.

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I'm not sure what you mean by "sub page". However, if you want to create the answers at the URL www.sitename.com/faq/answers.html, you:

  • Create a sub-directory called faq
  • Put answers.html in that sub-directory.

Personally I would instead create a sub-directory called faq and put questions.html and answers.html in that sub-directory.

The URL's would be



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Thanks for the quick response! I will give that a shot! –  Anthony Feb 12 '13 at 4:27

You simply need to make a folder in the directory that you have faq.html, named faq.

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