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error in my Logcat is:

02-12 10:04:54.240: E/SurfaceFlinger(521): Couldn't open /sys/power/wait_for_fb_sleep or /sys/power/wait_for_fb_wake 02-12 10:04:54.250: D/libEGL(521): egl.cfg not found, using default config 02-12 10:04:54.260: D/libEGL(521): loaded /system/lib/egl/libGLES_bst.so 02-12 10:04:54.260: W/PGA(521): eglGetProcAddress: "eglGetRenderBufferANDROID" not found 02-12 10:04:55.260: E/HdIpc(521): Connect failed err = -1 errno = 110 (ETIMEDOUT). Timeout log will be logged only once per process 02-12 10:04:55.260: E/PGA(521): Failed to connect to host, err = -1, retrying... This will be logged only once per process to avoid flooding the logs.

when my phone show that error and when i press ok button which is on the fb page right top corner. I have also generate hash key and put it into dash board. it is working well when i uninstall fb app from my mob. but doen't work with fb app. please help me

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There's an easier way, check out this response: stackoverflow.com/a/22568861/570612 – unify Mar 21 '14 at 20:28
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At times, the key hash that you have generated isn't quite the right one. Apparently (unconfirmed of course), it has something to do with JRE 1.7.

Follow one of the two solutions below, and you should be good to go.

Solution 1:

Try this link: http://www.helloandroid.com/tutorials/using-facebook-sdk-android-development-part-1. I found that using the Facebook method of getting a Hash Key did not always work as advertised. This link however, has a different method of getting the Hash Key and has pretty much always worked.

Solution 2:

That being said, I always found the simplest thing to do was, let the Facebook SDK tell you what your Hash Key is. This is by far more simpler and shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes.

Step 1: In your Facebook SDK, locate the Util.java class. In that, change this:

private static boolean ENABLE_LOG = false;


private static boolean ENABLE_LOG = true;

Step 2: Create a new Signed APK, transfer to your device and install. If it is already installed, naturally, it will prompt.

Step 3: With your DDMS (Logcat) running and your device connected to the computer, run the application and keep looking for a key mismatch warning. That warning has the actual Hash Key. Copy that key, go to your Facebook Developer page and add the new key to the list.

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This is the problem with keystore hash key. You can install openSSL (Download appropriate for your system i.e 32 bit/64 bit this is important) and using following commands generate hash key. This will solved the problem.

 @echo Exporting keystore cert
keytool -exportcert -alias myalias -keystore mycert.keystore > mycert.keystore.bin

@echo Converting to sha1
C:\PROGRAMS\openssl-0.9.8k_X64\bin\openssl sha1 -binary mycert.keystore.bin > mycert.keystore.sha1

@echo Converting to base64
C:\PROGRAMS\openssl-0.9.8k_X64\bin\openssl base64 -in mycert.keystore.sha1 -out mycert.keystore.base64

@echo Done, Android hash key for Facebook app is:
C:\PROGRAMS\openssl-0.9.8k_X64\bin\openssl base64 -in mycert.keystore.sha1
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