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Imagine capturing the input with a regex:


The numbers and the dots are easy enough to get


But how do you capture that plus "RELEASE" or "SNAPHOT" or none of those?

I played around with the or operator to no avail...

([0-9\._]+RELEASE||SNAPSHOT)  // no worky

btw, this is a nice regex tester: http://java-regex-tester.appspot.com/

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I think you want this:


The (inside) parens form a group, and the question mark indicates the group may occur 0 or 1 times.

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Probably (?:RELEASE|SNAPSHOT)? to avoid the inner match group. –  pickypg Feb 12 '13 at 5:17
@pickypg Yours would avoid matching the inner match group, but I think the op wants that group. Perhaps the op could clarify. –  Justin Barber Feb 12 '13 at 5:22
Agreed, but based on his original attempt and 'plus "RELEASE" or "SNAPHOT"', I suspect he wants to basically ensure that it passes and get the whole thing. (Though it's worth noting that ...._RELEASE would match, which he might not expect) –  pickypg Feb 14 '13 at 3:45

You are doing great. You just need to make a few changes.
First, you do not use || for or, | is used. So RELEASE||SNAPSHOT would convert to RELEASE|SNAPSHOT.
Since release or snapshot is not mandatory, a ? should be placed after it. So the final regex becomes


You can also use \d instead of 0-9. else than this, there is no need to escape . by \ when its present inside []
So finally, following could be the final regex

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