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I am working on eye blinking using opencv 2.4.3 in C on unbuntu platform. I was able to detect to face and eyes in live video using Haar cascades, but when I tilt my face, Algorithm cannot detect the face, and I have also read it on net that if face is tilt it cannot detect. So I think tracking can be helpful. Can anybody help me out, how should I track face and eyes in live video.

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You can use the HaarCascade as initial Detection and then use cv::GoodFeaturesToTrack() to extract some features. Then for each next frame, you pass the initial features and frame (from which you extracted th features) and also the next frame to cv::calcOpticalFlowPyrLK() which will calculate the new posistion of these features. You can use cv::boundingRect(features) to get the cv::Rect that bounds the set of features.

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