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In a Lua script I have 2 variables (var1 and var2) that each contain values from a table.

    local var2 = (table.concat(itmes_A, " "))
    local var3 = (table.concat(items_B, " "))

I need to write a file with 2 lines. First line for var1, second line for var2.

Currently my Lua code to write to the file (var1_2.txt) all on one line. Code is as follows:

    local communicatorFile
        communicatorFile = "D:\\Windows\\temp\\var1_2.txt"
        local createFile = assert(,"w+"))

What's needed to get the variables on one line each?

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Insert createFile:write('\r\n')

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Thank you. Both of you provided a correct answer! – snahl Feb 12 '13 at 13:28



to have a new-line character with them.


Note that you can just use \n instead of \r\n; but your Notepad wouldn't recognise it as a new-line character.

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Thank you. You also provided a correct answer. – snahl Feb 12 '13 at 13:29

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