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I want to write icon changer in c#. For testing I compile and create exe file bb.exe in desktop with help of vb6. In desktop i have icon named ico1.ico. Before editing bb.exe with my c# code I open it with resource hacker.
bb.exe resources before adding new resource
Here my code add new icon resource to bb.exe. In form_load event I write:

    IntPtr handle = APIFunctions.BeginUpdateResource(@"C:\Users\nimux\Desktop\bb.exe",false);
    byte[] iconBytes = File.ReadAllBytes(@"C:\Users\nimux\Desktop\ico1.ico");
    APIFunctions.UpdateResource(handle, 3, 254, 0, iconBytes, Convert.ToUInt32(iconBytes.Length));
    APIFunctions.EndUpdateResource(handle, false);

After running program, I use resource hacker again to see result.
bb.exe after new icon resource added with my c# app
Resource 254 added to bb.exe but icon data not added successfully!?
I save 254-0 icon with Resource hacker and compare two ico files.
myico.ico file which added with my code to bb.exe has size 2.20 KB but my original ico file size is 20.18 kB.
How can i solve problem and add icon to program resources correctly?! Thanks!

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