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The minimax algorithm is well described for two players for games like tic-tac-toe. I need to write an AI for a Tank game. In this game the tanks have to move in a maze that have obstacles in the form of walls. The goal is to collect coin piles. If it was only two players the minimax algorithm can be implemented. But how to implement it for more than two? As at each turn each player will try to maximize his own winning edge. I can not think of all the players as one enemy trying to reduce only my winning edge creating the two player levels as in the original minimax algorithm. Please excuse me if the question is not in good format. Still new to this forum

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You can no longer use minimax for this. Unless you make a hybrid goal of maximizing one's profits and minimizing the sum of the other's profits. But this is very hard to implement.

Better is to create algorithms able to learn on a strategical level what needs to be done. Transform the game into a two player one: me vs. the others and start from here.

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thank you for the feedback. can not up vote yet. :). I was thinking on the line of extending A* algorithm. –  AlphaWolf Feb 12 '13 at 17:24

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