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How to pass data to layout file? I can only access the passed data on the content page but not on the layout file.

public function get_index($name){
    return View::make('widget.'.$name)
            ->with("title", ucwords($name).' ‹ Document Management System');
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It would help if you include your view files, both the content page and the layout file –  William Cahill-Manley Feb 12 '13 at 6:18
I think this post maybe useful… –  Mohamed Nagy Feb 12 '13 at 9:03

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View::share('data', $data);

on your before filter or in __construct of your Base_Controller.

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You need a global view variable. I think you need to look at View::share('title', $title); I also think you can chain it with ->shares('title', $title)

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You can also use $this->layout->with('foo', 'bar') from within an action to make a variable foo available to your layout.

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I had a situation recently where I needed to dynamically change the @include('layouts._sidebarLeft') statement in my master template. View::share($key, $value) solves this. I then changed my template to @include($key) and whenever I need to change it from the default one, I just run another View::share() before returning the view in my controller. I defined the default sidebar within /start/global.php

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