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I am using WCAT 6.1 for WCF DataService. Is it possible to insert breakpoint in my code while executing WCAT script?

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I have never done it myself, but I can imagine that debugging your WCF DataService while executing a WCAT script is no different than debugging it manually by accessing the DataService from a web browser.

The key to making it work is that you will need to configure your WCAT scenario to make requests to a URI that resolves to the computer on which your DataService is running and VS.NET is installed.

Let's say that your DataService is hosted at http://localhost:12345/northwind.svc

Then you would set up your scenario to have a request that looked like this:

        id = "Debug WCF DataService";
        weight = 10;

          verb = GET;
          url = "http://localhost:12345/northwind.svc";

Good luck!

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