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I have a Userform named SheetBox

SheetBox contains a 3-page multipage window

"page1" for selecting sheets to import
"page2" contains a pseudo progress bar
"page3" for selecting sheets to protect

What I need now is a method to open a specific page upon opening the Userform when a button on a worksheet is clicked

ImportBttn opens page1 of userform
ProtctBttn opens page3 of userform

I'm doing this to reduce the number of userform I needed to create, instead of creating 3 separate userforms. This also helps reduce the filesize.

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This works too

Sub ImportBttn_Click()
Load SheetBox: SheetBox.MultiPage1.Value = 0: SheetBox.Show
End Sub

Sub ProtctBttn_Click()
Load SheetBox: SheetBox.MultiPage1.Value = 2: SheetBox.Show
End Sub

this loads sheetbox first, changes the multipage page and shows it afterwards

but thanks for the caller method, will be useful when I need to know what button gets pressed

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In the UserForms Initialise Event, use Application.Caller to detect which button on the worksheet was pressed, and then set the multipage

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
Select Case Application.Caller
Case "ImportBttn"
`1st tab
Me.MultiPage1.Value = 0
Case "ProtctBttn"
`3rd tab
Me.MultiPage1.Value = 2
End Select
End Sub
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