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I have been trying to access the data and nested elements after the data attribute is itentified but I have no luck, here is the code:


  //want to access data-region value
      //want to access nested divs with        


when I do a console.log(this) is gives me all the nested elements but I dont know how to access them or the value of data-region.

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can you specify what exactly you are trying to do? please provide your html code as well as it is difficult to understand your question – Tucker Feb 12 '13 at 6:53

Try this one: try fiddle

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You can use dataset property or jQuery data method:

      var region = this.dataset.region;
      // var region = $(this).data('region');

You can also use map method and store the values in an array.

var regions = $('#item-prize-location div[data-region]').map(function(){
      return this.dataset.region;
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mydata=$(this).attr('data-region') //or mydata=$(this).data('region') 
//do stuff with mydata-- that is the data in the selected element
//for example:
//You can access the element itself using `this` or $(this)


$.each always returns the element. You need to re-access the data inside the function.

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