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I have to return a array of structure values from c++ (jni) to java. I have the c++ struture as follows


byte *Data;
int dataLength;
int width;
int height;

And i have my java structure as

public class MyJavaStructure
    public byte[] Data;
    public int dataLength;
    public int width;
    public int height;

And My JavaMainClass.java is

   MyJavaStructure[] mystr =  MyJavaStructure[4]; 
public native int Process();
public LSImage getValues()
     return this.mystr ;
public void setValues(MyJavaStructure bDetails)
     this.mystr = bDetails; 

I tried to pass Object array (MyJavaStructure) directly from JNI using GetMethodId of setValues.

My JNI code is

JNIEXPORT jint JNICALL Java_TestJNI_Process(JNIEnv *jEnv, jobject jObj)

    MyCStructure* mycstr = new MyCStructure[4];

    iRet = Process(&mycstr);

    jclass jClass = jEnv->GetObjectClass(jObj);
    jmethodID constructor;

    jmethodID jObjectID = jEnv->GetMethodID (jLegendClass, "setValues", "(LMyCStructure;)V");
    if (jObjectID == NULL)
        throwJavaException(jEnv, "Unable to find the method setValues");
        return NULL;
    jEnv->CallObjectMethod(jObj, jObjectID, (jobject *) mycstr);

    printf ("After setting the output data value\n");


    return iRet;

The value returned in mycstr contains 4 array of structure (MyCStructure) values and i tried to assign in a MyJavaStructure class object but it returned null.

Am i doing right or is there i have to change anything ?

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jEnv->CallObjectMethod(jObj, jObjectID, (jobject *) mycstr);

You obviously can't do that. mycstr is not a jobject, neither pointer to jobject. jobject itself is already a pointer to opaque structure, which shouldn't be of your interest to decouple you from dependency on particular JNI implementation.

Native code in C can understand Java classes and object thanks to set of JNI functions callable from C. There is nothing reciprocal on Java side to understand native objects. So the answer is no, you are not doing it right.

If you want a structure (a simple class) synchronized between Java and native, pass the class instance as jobject to the native call, and use GetFieldID followed by (for example) Get/SetIntField.

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if it was a single structure i can use Get/Set Fields. I need to pass array of structure. The 'mycstr' contains structure with 4 values. – Narayan Feb 13 '13 at 10:01
Your java method setValues(MyJavaStructure bDetails) takes a single instance, not an array, so it won't work anyway. So then you need to wrap your array in a class and have methods setDataLength(indexInArray,value) and similar, and call those over JNI. There is no bypass how to hand C objects over to Java directly, really. – Pavel Zdenek Feb 13 '13 at 11:37
ok i'll find a suitable way and post it – Narayan Feb 13 '13 at 11:46

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