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I'll need to use ADO.NET EF for my next project so I started a tutorial but ended up with installing Entity Framework while my Project was open through Project -> Manage NuGet Packages and then decided to walk through the tutorial using another project so I closed the current one and on the next day I created new Console Project for the needs of this tutorial. However when I tried to add using System.Data.Entity; to my Program.cs it didn't recognize the Entity so I had to install again Entity Framework from NuGet which seems kind of strange to me.

Is this how it should be - installing the Entity Framework for every project that will use it or I can install it once and then add it as reference where needed or something like that like many other packages in .NET?

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No, you shouldn't need to install Entity Framework for each project. Did you try adding a reference to the missing DLL? To do this, right-click your project in Solution Explorer and select Add Reference from the menu. You should be able to select System.Data.Entity from the .NET tab: Add reference dialog

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