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I have a simple problem. I want to start/run a program file on an android phone using adb shell.
My Program is in /system/bin folder and has root privileges.

I want to run this program from my command prompt as adb shell runme 3000000 > logs.txt but it should not block the terminal, It should run in background.

I cannot use screen/disown/nohup for my problem as android doesn't have all this.
I tried adb shell "runme >logs.txt &" but of no use.

When i issue command as
adb shell
# runme 3000000 > logs.txt &
It runs fine, when i exit the terminal/disconnect the device and then connect again to system.
Do adb shell ps | grep runme shows the process is still runnning in background.


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Wrap your adb shell command in some python script which spawns a new thread. – smk Feb 12 '13 at 7:34
does adb shell has python in it? – Praveen Feb 12 '13 at 7:35

Busybox has nohup applet which works just fine in Android

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