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I want to develop my project with web2py. Before that I make it with python cherrypy. and now going to switch to web2py. But I would like use Apache server instead of WSGI and web2py server!

Could you guide me how do this?

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Into scripts folder(web2py/scripts) are some one-step setup scripts to deploy a web2py environment using apache for:

  • Fedora Linux: setup-web2py-fedora.sh
  • Ubuntu Linux: setup-web2py-ubuntu.sh

If you have another OS you can check it in order to get a detailed step to step installation guide.

As Calvin said, the deployment recipes are at: http://web2py.com/books/default/chapter/29/13

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A very detailed explanation is provided here - http://web2py.com/book/default/chapter/13#Apache-setup - including the apache2/mod_wsgi configuration files.

Perhaps you can try this out first and ask questions when you run into trouble?

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