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I have a <table> in my form that contains some rows retrieved from database and on each row I put a checkbox, and

the name of the checkbox tag is the id of the row record

and the value changes according to the state of checkbox 1 : checked, 0:unchecked

I want to send the selected rows id when user submit the form : I don't know how can I achieve that :

 <table border=1 id="mondiv" class="hidden" >
{% for item in users %}
                <td><input type="checkbox" name="{{ item.id }}" onchange="changeetat(this)" /></td>
                <td>{{ item.id }}</td>
                <td>{{ item.name }}</td>
                <td>{{ item.lastname }}</td>
                <td>{{ item.specialty }}</td>
{% else %}
            <h2>Aucun organisateur trouvé</h2>
 {% endfor %}

and here is the javascript method :

    function changeetat(element){
       element.value = '1';
       element.value = '0';


I use twig template with Symfony

thank you in advance

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if you're not using jQuery than :

var inputs = document.getElementsByTagName("input"); //or
var cbs = []; //will contain all checkboxes  
var checked = []; //will contain all checked checkboxes  
for (var i = 0; i < inputs.length; i++) {  
    if (inputs[i].type == "checkbox") {  
        if (inputs[i].checked) {  
var nbCbs = cbs.length; //number of checkboxes  
var nbChecked = checked.length; //number of checked checkboxes  

with jQuery:

var cbs = $("input:checkbox:checked");
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