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I have PHP file, which I use gnuplot to plot sine graph and save the output, but after running the php file in localhost the output does not save anywhere. Here is the code:


    `echo "set term png;set xrange[-2*pi:2*pi]; 
    set output 'output.png'; plot sin(x)" | gnuplot`;


I use exec() also instead of above code, but no difference:

exec('echo "set term png;set xrange[-2*pi:2*pi]; 
set output \'output.png\'; plot sin(x)" | gnuplot');

However I ran the above code in terminal and the output saved in my home directory. When I run the code using PHP the output should be saved in localhost directory but after running the code it seems nothing happening. I gave different path to save the output (like desktop) but still no output.

Any idea what should I do?

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(Not enough credit for a comment, so I'll post this as an answer)

Your PHP is probably running on some server, I guess? Does the server have the appropriate permissions to write to the directory you want it to write to?

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I use localhost apache. How should I check if the server has permission or not ? – secret Feb 12 '13 at 8:00
Assuming you are on Linux: To learn more about permissions, simply google "file permissions linux". Apache is usually running as a separate user. To figure out which one:… Once you figured out which user apache is running as, check whether that user has write access to the directory you are trying to write. – David M. R. Feb 12 '13 at 8:19

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