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This is my query in Symfony2-Project, using doctrine:

    $qb->select(array('r', 'fp', 'p'))
    ->from('Farmerguide\BackendBundle\Entity\Farmerproduct', 'fp')
    ->innerJoin('fp.product', 'p')
    ->innerJoin('p.rubric', 'r')
    ->andWhere('fp.farmer= :id')
    ->setParameter('id', $farmerId);

Information about the tables/entities: Farmerproduct has a id, farmer_id and a product_id product has a id, and rubric_id (product is some kind of a 'subdirectory' of rubric)

I want now all rubrics without anything else, for one farmer. But I'm getting an error when I change the select-part, it says that it needs all of the joined Entitys to be selected...

Well, now I'm getting all joined information, so for 100 products of 1 farmer, I'm getting every product with rubric and with farmer (i don't know why i'm getting the farmer aswell..)

Any suggestions?

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You must select the root entity of your DQL query. Assuming you do not have bidirectional associations, it looks like following:

    Farmerguide\BackendBunle\Entity\Rubric r
    r.id IN (
            Farmerguide\BackendBundle\Entity\Farmerproduct fp
            fp.product p
            p.rubric r2
            fp.farmer = :id

In QueryBuilder API, this looks like following:

$qb1 = $em->createQueryBuilder();
$qb2 = $em->createQueryBuilder();

    ->from('Farmerguide\BackendBundle\Entity\Farmerproduct', 'fp')
    ->innerJoin('fp.product', 'p')
    ->innerJoin('p.rubric', 'r2')
    ->andWhere('fp.farmer= :id')

    ->from('Farmerguide\BackendBunle\Entity\Rubric', 'r')
    ->where($qb->expr()->in('r.id', $qb2->getDQL()))

$rubrics = $qb1
    ->setParameter('id', $farmerId)

If you don't really need a QueryBuilder here, consider using plain DQL: as you see it's simpler.

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Great! Works for me. thank you –  eav Feb 12 '13 at 13:18

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