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My Question is how I can integrate two Heterogeneous Relational Databases based on RDF? Is that done just by transferring the two relational databases, one by one separately into RDF statements, and then save them into one RDF table? Or I have to do some integrations before I save them in the RDF database table?


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You might want to look at the D2RQ project. You can expose your two relational database with that middle-ware. Quoting the D2RQ page, D2RQ allows to:

  • create custom dumps of the database in RDF formats for loading into an RDF store
  • query a non-RDF database using SPARQL

This should work for you if your databases are not terribly big and it is a good approach if your databases are frequently updated. If you need to run queries accessing both databases you can use SPARQL query federation. Very easy with Jena/ARQ.

If your data is static or does not get updated too often. You can get better scalability by dumping the RDF triples and assert them into a native triple store (Jena/TDB, 4store, Virtuoso). With any of these triple stores stores you can use SPARQL to access the data.

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