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I have 3 separate portals and don't want to mix all the models in one folder. I tried separating the models into 3 separate folders but it wouldn't work codeigniter kept saying that the models weren't found. I even tried


as of now i am doing this for example (admin, members, and public)


Would there be another method?

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CodeIgniter does support one subfolder under models so:


should work (where adminis a subfolder of CI's modelsdirectory). Be sure to only include the relative path from your models folder (so not the full path all the way up from your CI install).

See also: http://ellislab.com/codeigniter/user-guide/general/models.html#loading

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create modules folder under application folder. then under modules create members folder for member module. in members folder it will contain 3 folders

1) controllers (will contain member.php controller)

2) models  (will contain members_model.php model)

3) views  (will contain members_view.php view)

then load your model like this

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