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Is it possible to integrate joomla/wordpress with ruby on rails??? If not, can anyone suggest me some CMS tools for ruby on rails??

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Did you have any success finding the right solution? I'm facing now a similar problema and looks like these answers are not helping.. –  codedad May 29 '13 at 8:58

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These concepts are different:

  • Joomla and Wordpress are CMS frameworks in PHP

  • Ruby-on-Rails is a web application framework in Ruby

Popular CMS in Ruby-on-Rails are:

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About integration - not sure that it's even exists. About CMS - try refinery CMS - it's simple enough and can be extended by yourself.

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If you are interested in a CMS that has workflow of edit-review-approve pipeline, you can see browserCMS

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Your ruby on rails Api's can communicate with wordpress application with some predefine methods, methods are available in WP for fetching the api's data in json format.

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