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I'm using wkhtmltopdf, which is based on Qt, to generate PDF versions of a local web page. So far it does exactly what I need it to when I run it directly from the command line. For example, this works:

wkhtmltopdf http://localhost/~acobster/foo/?render=1 ~/Desktop/foo.pdf

However, when I try to call it from a PHP script, it fails. It seems to have to do with running as nobody, since

sudo -u nobody wkhtmltopdf http://localhost/~acobster/foo/?render=1 ~/Desktop/foo.pdf

causes it to spit out this error about a hundred times:

wkhtmltopdf[45642] : ATSFontGetFileReference failed: error -120. Qt: internal: -108: Error ATSUMeasureTextImage text/qfontengine_mac.mm: 1136

I believe it's complaining about not being able to render the font "Palatino," which I specify in a CSS font-family rule within the page. But even if I replace Palatino with Times and run again as nobody, I get this:

QPainter::begin(): Returned false

Why would I be able to process this font as my regular user but not as nobody? Is there something about Qt that doesn't play nicely with that user?

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Not knowing anything about what or why; could there be a paths issue? – Nenotlep Feb 12 '13 at 8:50
It could be, but I'm not sure how to tell. Could you please be more specific? – acobster Feb 18 '13 at 3:19

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