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So I'm doing a short gig as QA engineer, building test environments, and testing. And I see passwords stored in database unencrypted. I did some reading on the topic, and it is clear that it is a bad practice.

Should I report it as a bug?

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I would flag it up to your team lead...whether it's a bug depends on whether it's supposed to do that, but whether or not it's supposed to, it's a huge problem. – Arran Feb 12 '13 at 13:42
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If the stated requirement on the system is that passwords should be stored encrypted, then it's a bug. If there is no such explicit requirement, I would report it as a potential security weakness.

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No its not a bug but as a part of suggestion you can enforce developer to encrypt as passwords are not any simple information. but ultimately it depends on org to org. Put an authority under discussion.

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A bug is a variance from expected behavior. If the expected behavior of your system includes "does not store passwords in plain text" or "adheres to minimal security standards", the actual behavior is a bug. If no such expectation exists, this behavior is not a bug. We don't know your product, so we can't answer the question of whether this behavior is a bug. If you don't know whether a given behavior is a bug, ask the person responsible for defining your product.

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