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I have a line in a file like 3875-01-12T04:30:00Z I wanna replace T***Z string to NULL.

Please not that the string between T and Z can be diferent, so I need to get the string inside T and Z and replace it.

Thanks in advance

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$result = $subject -creplace 'T[\d:.]*Z', ''

should do. I added the dot in case you encounter times that are more precise than seconds.

If you want to make sure that the T...Z is only deleted if it follows a yyyy-mm-dd string, then use

$result = $subject -creplace '(?<=\d{4}-\d{2}-\d{2})T[\d:.]*Z', ''
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If I'm following you:

'3875-01-12T04:30:00Z' -replace 'T(.+)Z$'

If you want to keep 'TZ':

'3875-01-12T04:30:00Z' -replace 'T(.+)Z$','TZ'
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