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I am having an issue with my Log In function; it keeps redirecting to the login page after a succesfull login page even tho I specified other wise, this is the function:

  public function actionLogin() {

    $model = new LoginForm;

    // if it is ajax validation request
    if (isset($_POST['ajax']) && $_POST['ajax'] === 'login-form') {
        echo CActiveForm::validate($model);

    // collect user input data
    if (isset($_POST['LoginForm'])) {
        $model->attributes = $_POST['LoginForm'];
        // validate user input and redirect to the previous page if valid
        if ($model->validate() && $model->login())
    // display the login form
    $this->render('login', array('model' => $model));

Can anyone help me understnad whats going on? I have been going around this for the last 6 hours and I am sure its pretty simple!!

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we need the model->login method to understand what's wrong. Make sure you don't forget to call Yii::app()->user->login($identity) inside that function. – Alex Feb 12 '13 at 8:56
I have added Yii::app()->user->login($model->attributes); after the validation is done, everything works! but for some reason the login is taking a very long time! about 3 seconds! – KayKay Feb 12 '13 at 11:02
As parameter to user->login you should pass an instance of IUserIdentity not just a bunch of attributes. – Alex Feb 12 '13 at 11:50

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