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Using R, I need to plot 2 curves in the same graph. So, I have to plot x1 vs. y1 and x2 vs. y2. Here "x1" are random but known numbers in the range of 0 to 12; "x2" are random but known numbers in the range of 0 to 9; and similarly some other known ranges for y1 and y2.

I used the following code:

d<-read.csv("ni1.csv")       # Reading in the data


plot(x1,y1,pch="*", col='blue',xlim=c(0, 12), ylim=c(0,1300),main='Load Vs. Extension   Curves',xlab='Extension', ylab='Load')
plot(x2, y2, pch="*", col= 'red',xlim=c(0, 9), ylim=c(0,1400), axes= FALSE, xlab='', ylab='' )

Now the issue is although I am getting the right curve for x1 vs. y1, the curve for x2 vs. y2 is in improper range. That is to say, the x-range for x2 vs. y2 is coming out to be outside the values that I have for plotting.

Can anybody help solve this? Thank you very much for your support...


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Well, you can just adjust your xlim in your first plot to be the same as the xlim of the second one ? – juba Feb 12 '13 at 9:00
possible duplicate of Plot 2 graphs in same plot in R? – Roman Luštrik Feb 12 '13 at 13:11
Please try and make your question reproducible. We don't have your data files so you should construct some data that shows the problem you are having. – Spacedman Feb 12 '13 at 15:26

Consider using points instead. Replace your plot(x2, y2, ...) with:

points(x2, y2, pch="*", col= 'red')
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Another approach is simply to use par(new=TRUE) to overlay two distinct plots on top of each other.

vv <- ts(c(3875, 4846, 5128, 5773, 7327,
                6688, 5582, 3473, 3186,
                 rep(NA, 51))
plot(drunkenness, lwd=3, col="grey", ann=FALSE, las=2)
plot(nhtemp, ann=FALSE, axes=FALSE,col='blue')

enter image description here

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You can use the ggplot2 package, but that requires you to reorder your data into one dataframe, with an extra column specifying categories.

d <- read.csv('ni1.csv',header=T)
d2 <-'ni2.csv',header=T)
#assuming header names are ´x´ and ´y´ 
df <- rbind(d,d2)
df$labels[(length(d[,1])+1):length(df[,1])] <- 'ni2'
df$labels[1:length(d[,1])] <- 'ni1'
qplot(x,y,data=df,geom='line') + facet_wrap(~labels)
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